Dein Coaching-Erlebnis?

Was sagt Ihr zum Embodiment Coaching & Schattenarbeit:

    „It’s amazing how Beate has helped me to find more confidence in myself. I have gained more clarity and control over my mood state. I have learned to accept myself the way I am and am encouraged to do better with my internal conflicts that I had.
    With the tools that Beate provides, I have learned to manage hard situations that I could not solve in the past.
    I feel so grateful to have started the coaching sessions with Beate. I really feel I have changed, thank you, Beate!!“

    - Yoan Garcia, Berlin, 47 -

    „You discover a different you, you meet yourself
    but you are strange to you.
    And that is such an amazing experience.
    Words aren't enough to express it. It has to be lived."

    - m, erste Schnupper-Stunde -